Diane Barrett, Intuitive Reader and Animal Communicator

Diane Barrett has been working as an Intuitive Clairvoyant Reader and Animal Communicator with clients worldwide since 1986.

Her life’s work is to be a guide for all souls bringing illumination to their path of spiritual evolution. She supports each unique journey with information from spirit, healing work and teaching of tools to empower the individual on their journey of personal growth.

Diane’s perceptive insight and her creative approach to life’s challenges can help you find your truth and live it.

Her goal is to help you reconnect and live as the spiritual being that you are and to experience the awareness, peace, power, and joy that brings.

Her work includes individual and group sessions, communication with animal companions, and with souls who have passed.

Diane has given me a powerful gift and new tools to assist in my understanding of the Being I am. I used to think that feelings and the information I gathered from my senses was all of reality. Now I sense the energy that runs through me and is connected to other beings and the universe.

Linda M., Executive

Diane has a calm and serene presence. I have experienced two readings by Diane and found them to be enlightening and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to further their own personal growth.

Mary O., Ph.D.

“Diane is a gifted clairvoyant who shares great clarity, light and joy in her readings. She reads from a place of neutrality and she holds a space for clients to hear their information and shift while working with her. As a professional clairvoyant myself, she is the only person I will work with.” http://www.theconsciouslivingguide.com Founder of The Conscious Mom’s Guide Author of The Conscious Mom’s Guide to Natural Healing and First Aid for Kids (Jan 2010)

Christine Agro, Clairvoyant Natural Healer

"Diane’s insightful work always provides me with a deep clarity and a new perspective of my life.  Her unique ability to put the intangible into words and context, allows me to gain insights that are more than merely informative and are often profound.   Her animal communication also goes beyond the surface of behavior into the personality and true nature of my animals both embodied and in spirit, and her accuracy of explaining their motivations is invariably accurate and helps me understand how best to meet their needs and my own in our mutual relationships.  I have used numerous clairvoyant advisors over the years and she is by far the best.  Even my husband, who approaches these subjects more cautiously, is totally receptive to Diane’s perspectives." www.spiritofhorse.com

Kim McElroy, international equine artist