Diane Barrett, Intuitive Reader and Animal Communicator

Diane Barrett has been working as an Intuitive Clairvoyant Reader and Animal Communicator with clients worldwide since 1986. Her life’s work is to be a guide for all souls bringing illumination to their path of spiritual evolution. She supports each unique journey with information from spirit, healing work and teaching of tools to empower the individual on their journey of personal growth. Diane’s perceptive insight and her creative approach to life’s challenges can help you find your truth and live it. Her goal is to help you reconnect and live as the spiritual being that you are and to experience the awareness, peace, power, and joy that brings. Her work includes individual and group sessions, communication with animal companions, and with souls who have passed.

"I’ve had the great privilege of working beside and working with the exceptionally talented Diane Barrett. Diane is an intuitive and teacher extraordinaire. Her gifts are ample including her capacity to help clients find clarity on the path of manifesting purpose and remaining centered and present for self and others even in challenging circumstances. Diane is practical and magical at once with the talent of brining ancient practice into current-time efficiency. I’ve witnessed Diane’s clairvoyant gifts change lives and her common sense wisdom help create a path forward regardless of life-circumstance. Diane’s ability to communicate with animals is a power to behold. Her work with animals allows a communication and comfort that invites a good relationship to enhance dramatically and a challenging one to be lifted. It is with the upmost confidence that I recommend Diane. If you are blessed enough to be lead to Diane, do yourself a favor and sign up for whatever she offers. Diane’s stellar gifts will help guide you to your best life."
Nicole Jon Sievers, MSW, LCSW Founder, ED: Stand for Courage Foundation Author: It's Your Mind: OWN IT!
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Nicole Jon Sievers, MSW, LCSW

Diane has given me a powerful gift and new tools to assist in my understanding of the Being I am. I used to think that feelings and the information I gathered from my senses was all of reality. Now I sense the energy that runs through me and is connected to other beings and the universe.

Linda M., Executive

"There are no words for the depth of Diane’s work. Clairvoyant Communication only touches the surface. I have had the blessing of her deep counsel for years for myself, my animals, and my loved ones. Diane goes beyond a ‘reading’ and offers a multi-dimensional snapshot of the many influences that come into play that are affecting a situation. She can release blocks to that information coming through so that the situation can shift. Most importantly, Diane has the skills to access this vast information on many levels and to titrate down and speak of the most relevant and healing aspects of what she perceives, in ways that are most relevant, timely, and transformational. She facilitates the understanding of spirit because she is so eloquent, and there is never any question that she is In Touch with a being we know, or with ourselves. Diane always expresses truths about my inner or outer experiences with clarity that leads to profound insights, and she helps reframe the changes I seek in my life as adventures rather than challenges. Endless Gratitude to you and for you Diane." www.spiritofhorse.com

Kim McElroy, international equine artist