Animal Communication

Diane’s work as an Intuitive Reader expanded into working with animals when she returned to her journey with horses in 2004. Working with natural horsewoman Emily Johnson ( and finding Binder, her perfect first horse partner for the journey, created the foundation for expanding her work of 25 years into the animal world.

Diane currently works with Autumn Haney ( of Longmont, CO. Her equine partner Star is helping Diane grow into the horsewoman she always dreamed of being! Diane helps at the Ranch with the rescue horses, assists at the Centered Horsemanship Clinics and offers private sessions. Her work as an intuitive and her partnership with horses is a melding of two of her life passions, so she welcomes opportunities to dance in that energy!

Diane’s work is about creating connection, where she is the facilitator for communication between you and your animal companion. She works with people at any stage of the relationship: prior to the companion showing up, while you are together and after the companion has passed.

As embodied souls on this planet, we all, animal and human alike, are on a journey of spiritual evolution. In your session she can look at many levels of your relationship with your companion from soul agreements and life purpose to relationship issues and health. Diane’s insights bring understanding to the challenges we face individually and in partnership. The tools she teaches animals and humans on how to consciously work with their energies support the path of healing. As a result, this opens up the space for clear communication and connection.

Animals and people have powerful agreements to support each other in healing for the individual, the species and the planet. Diane’s work is in alignment with that truth, as her work supports both partners equally to help each soul become more present here in this life. This shift brings a deeper partnership filled with understanding, mutual respect and joy!

Testimonial from Autumn Haney, Edens Aspens Horsemanship

I started training horses on my own, primarily BLM mustangs, when I was 13 years old. I watched a lot of videos of other trainers, but really tried to stay true to my original ideas about horsemanship and how to work with horses in a way that they could actually understand and have a choice to connect with me. I knew there was a deeper level to the horse that I was unable to connect to, but I had no idea what that looked like or how to find it.

When I was 21 years old, I had an opportunity to start my own horse training and boarding business and I jumped on it. Diane Caldwell was one of the clients that stayed at the barn through the transition and continued working with me. It did not take long before I noticed her ability to communicate to that level of the horse that I knew was there, but did not know how to access. I started asking questions and watching her communicate with the horses closer. Within months, I realized that I was beginning to sense the horses on a deeper level than I ever have. My training methods started evolving and I noticed I was able to answer the horses questions in a clearer, quieter way than I’ve ever seen.

Diane strongly believes that everyone has the ability to be intuitive. All you need is the openness, both mind and spirit, to allow it to come through. Then you just have to trust what is coming through. The way she answered my questions made me feel very comfortable with the way I was starting to feel the horses and she directed me in a way that was still very much my own, but a way that I could make sense of and work with.

For the past 3 years now, Diane and I have been working together with both horses and people. She is able to connect with the horses on a very deep spiritual level while I am working with them on a physical and mental level. They learn faster, and understand what I am asking for and why on a much deeper level. The horses we work with are primarily rescued horses brought me as a last chance to show them how to get along with people and continue on their path as a partner with their human. Some of the horses are in rough physical condition, and most of them are very shut down mentally and emotionally. When Diane and I start connecting with them on a spirit to spirit level and they are able to understand what a human is asking of them, for sometimes the first time in their lives, you can actually see their eyes light up. The hope in having connection with a human that they can enjoy, something they thought they would never experience, is starting to shine through all their survival techniques and ways they have learned to live with human.

We help them become their true selves, with confidence in their personalities and interests. We help them find enjoyment in life again, if not for the first time. Diane and I are always amazed at the horses desire to trust people again after what some have been through at human hands.

The people we work with are interested not only in learning horsemanship, but also how to connect with them energetically and communicate with them on a very deep, personal level. This is something not taught many places, in this way, and the people that work with us work through some very deep layers of themselves. Diane is an incredible teacher when helping people connect with their energy flow. People understand it easily and learn rapidly with Diane’s teaching and they grow very comfortable and confident very quickly. It is so neat to watch people change before our very eyes!

Diane is incredibly gifted, and is very solid in what she knows and how she works with energy and her animal communication. I would not be where I am today as a horse trainer, or person, without Diane Caldwell. She opened up a whole new piece of myself I didn’t even know was there and allowed me to help horses, and people, on a level I never knew existed!

Autumn Haney,

Edens Aspens Horsemanship,

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