Greystone’s Journey

“Prior to our sessions with Diane, Greystone and my relationship felt stuck and hopeless. I was out of ideas as to how to best help him and he seemed incapable of helping himself. When first saddled, Grey’s mind, emotions and therefore body became tight as he appeared to escape deeply inward. This tightness would lead to sudden bucking fits, inspired by what seemed to be shear internal panic, if not terror at times.

“Feeling frustrated and concerned for both Grey and my overall well-being we sought support from Diane. Our sessions together were a beautiful and powerful blend of the body, mind and spirit for both horse and human. I would work with Grey, while Diane spoke with and guided him at his spirit level. Diane created a safe and neutral space which allowed Grey to reveal how unworthy he felt, brought about by his deep sense of having been rejected and abandoned.

“With Diane’s support, love and guidance Grey was able to both recognize and own his worth and learned to move his energy in a way that allowed him to replace his old pattern of detaching and exploding with maintaining and seeking partnership with me.

“It was truly inspiring to watch Grey transform before my eyes as Diane validated and guided him in his injured places. I too was humbled by the awareness I gained of my own process, feelings and beliefs, which had rendered me stuck with Grey as well as in my marriage.

“Grey has found his sense of self and playful spirit again and I have learned how to best support him as he continues his journey. We have been enjoying harmonious (and buck free) rides together for the first time. A few weeks following our last session with Diane, Grey marked his graduation as he and I joined Diane and her faithful equine partner, Binder, on a glorious trail ride! Way to go Grey!

“I have such gratitude to Diane for sharing her gift and remarkable talent with Grey and I and helping to empower us both. And my thanks to Grey as well, for having the courage to explore himself and being willing to share this journey to wholeness with me.”

Emily Johnson
Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training