Kim McElroy, international equine artist

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“There are no words for the depth of Diane’s work. Clairvoyant Communication only touches the surface. I have had the blessing of her deep counsel for years for myself, my animals, and my loved ones. Diane goes beyond a ‘reading’ and offers a multi-dimensional snapshot of the many influences that come into play that are affecting a situation. She can release blocks to that information coming through so that the situation can shift.

Most importantly, Diane has the skills to access this vast information on many levels and to titrate down and speak of the most relevant and healing aspects of what she perceives, in ways that are most relevant, timely, and transformational. She facilitates the understanding of spirit because she is so eloquent, and there is never any question that she is In Touch with a being we know, or with ourselves. Diane always expresses truths about my inner or outer experiences with clarity that leads to profound insights, and she helps reframe the changes I seek in my life as adventures rather than challenges.

Endless Gratitude to you and for you Diane.”


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