Nicole Jon Sievers, MSW, LCSW

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“I’ve had the great privilege of working beside and working with the exceptionally talented Diane Barrett. Diane is an intuitive and teacher extraordinaire. Her gifts are ample including her capacity to help clients find clarity on the path of manifesting purpose and remaining centered and present for self and others even in challenging circumstances. Diane is practical and magical at once with the talent of brining ancient practice into current-time efficiency. I’ve witnessed Diane’s clairvoyant gifts change lives and her common sense wisdom help create a path forward regardless of life-circumstance. Diane’s ability to communicate with animals is a power to behold. Her work with animals allows a communication and comfort that invites a good relationship to enhance dramatically and a challenging one to be lifted.

It is with the upmost confidence that I recommend Diane. If you are blessed enough to be lead to Diane, do yourself a favor and sign up for whatever she offers. Diane’s stellar gifts will help guide you to your best life.”

Nicole Jon Sievers, MSW, LCSW
Founder, ED: Stand for Courage Foundation
Author: It’s Your Mind: OWN IT!


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