“Diane’s insightful work always provides me with a deep clarity and a new perspective of my life. Her unique ability to put the intangible into words and context, allows me to gain insights that are more than merely informative and are often profound. Her animal communication also goes beyond the surface of behavior into the personality and true nature of my animals both embodied and in spirit, and her accuracy of explaining their motivations is invariably accurate and helps me understand how best to meet their needs and my own in our mutual relationships. I have used numerous clairvoyant advisors over the years and she is by far the best. Even my husband, who approaches these subjects more cautiously, is totally receptive to Diane’s perspectives.”

~ Kim McElroy

“Diane is a master intuitive communicator with all living beings—small and large.

“As a professional horsemanship instructor and trainer (as well as a lifetime student of the horse), I am continually seeking additional information and greater insight so that I may better understand, relate to and align in partnership with the beautiful being that is the horse.

“In my work with horses, I am committed to both understanding and relating to their mental, emotional and physical well-being, helping them to discover their most congruent and connected selves. Periodically, I run into a “stuck place” within the horse that affects the progression of their learning and their ability to expand into their fullest self.

“It is in these times that I feel so grateful for Diane’s talent and aptitude as an animal communicator and healer. My horses and I have benefited from Diane’s inspired insights and words of wisdom for the past two years. In that time, I have seen Diane support and council a variety of different horses in a wide range of behavioral patterns. Each time I have been privy to the horse making rapid and dramatic shifts toward their higher self and have felt the fruit of these changes in my subsequent training sessions.

“I am continually humbled and amazed by Diane’s ability to lovingly guide both horses and humans toward the truth and beliefs that best serve their highest and best good. Diane’s work in this world is a joy to experience and I highly recommend it, believing that every soulful being in a body — animal and human alike, can greatly benefit.”

– Emily Johnson
Owner of Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training

“As in all things for the highest and best good, I was led to Diane by a series of coincidences and chance encounters. At a time in my life where things were “messy” to say the least, Diane and her work became the beacon of light and hope at the end of what seemed a long, dark and desolate tunnel. There are some who have opened and embraced their knowing of the collective consciousness of human experience on this planet. They have the same gifts we all have: intuition and “the sight” but they have shown up in this time and place to be guides to those of us seeking on the path to move closer to our Divine Truth. Diane Caldwell is one of these people. She gave to me, and to many others, the gift of opening the doorway to clear communication and understanding for that which already resides in each one of us and shared it in a way that made the transition from fear and darkness in my life to hope and light as the possibilities for my future unfold.

“Through our work together, Diane has been able to help me clear away the deep seated chains that held me captive from moving closer to the Truth that I am. She is kind and compassionate and shares her gifts with a clarity and benevolence that makes the sometimes difficult work become effortless.

“My life is forever changed, and truly better as I continue on my life journey as a direct result of the spiritual work and highest intentions of Diane.”

Julie Jacobs
Author of “With Radical Faith and Effortless Grace, The Journey to HeartSpace”

“Diane is a gifted clairvoyant who shares great clarity, light and joy in her readings. She reads from a place of neutrality and she holds a space for clients to hear their information and shift while working with her. As a professional clairvoyant myself, she is the only person I will work with.”

Christine Agro, Clairvoyant Natural Healer
Founder of The Conscious Mom’s Guide
Author of The Conscious Mom’s Guide to Natural Healing and First Aid for Kids (Jan 2010)

“My retired racehorse Charlie had reverted to his uptight racehorse ways. He had grown remote in the paddock, dangerously tossing his head in the barn, and agitated and rushing under saddle. He seemed locked up and stuck, even though he was in training.”Right away after our intuitive communication session with Diane, Charlie changed. He started greeting me at the gate with his ears pricked, ready to go. He stopped the head tossing, and became better than ever to ride. Who knows what happened, but to Charlie and me that doesn’t matter. We’re both having such fun in the flow together.”

Morgan W.

“Diane has been my spiritual teacher since 2002. I have learned so much from her and have become much more connected spiritually as a result of our work together. What I appreciate most about Diane is the clarity she brings to her readings. Every time we speak, I feel validated and have a greater understanding of what is occurring for me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. She is extremely professional, very respectful in the language she uses, and is so gifted! I am grateful for Diane’s presence in my life and recommend her to anyone who wants to grow spiritually. You will love working with Diane!”Lisa G. Kramer, MSW, PCC
LIVING WITH INTENTION Coaching, Training & Coaching Mastery for personal clarity and professional excellence (610) 527-4511

“Diane has a calm and serene presence. I have experienced two readings by Diane and found them to be enlightening and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to further their own personal growth.”Mary O.

“Diane has given me a powerful gift and new tools to assist in my understanding of the Being I am. I used to think that feelings and the information I gathered from my senses was all of reality. Now I sense the energy that runs through me and is connected to other beings and the universe.”Linda M.

“Personal growth is enhanced when using an holistic approach. I have found that the physical body is more likely to heal when the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of patients are addressed. Diane teaches skills that empower the individual to identify, own and clear issues in a holistic manner. She inspires her students by using the tools that she teaches in her everyday life.”Dr. Lorraine G.
Chiropractic Physician